Monday, August 6, 2012

How "Sweet"

Another amazing milestone happened this 1st born son turned 16!!

Christian Paul Marchelewski Jr., my "Pooh Bear",  was born May 26, 1996 at 12:35 pm. He weighed 8 pounds and 3 ounces and was 21 inches long. One of the proudest days of my life happened when they placed my beautiful baby boy into my arms that afternoon! My, how time has gone by so quickly...

Since turning 16 is a major milestone his Daddy and I decided to throw a "Sweet" birthday bash! Christian's friend, Rusti, has a birthday around the same time as Christian (she is older than him and lets him know it as often as possible) and we talked to her parents and decided to do a double party! What's better than that!? We love Rusti to pieces and couldn't think of anyone else that we would want to share such a special day with :)

Christian had known for months what type of cake he wanted, a Florida Gator logo made out of M&M candies. The explanation of the M&M part will have to come in another post. It is very blog worthy :) Rusti had chosen a cake, too, a black and hot pink topsy turvy cake. Two very different cakes for two very different personalities! Good Lord! How in the world would we mesh these two styles into one party!?

 Christian's Florida Gator Cake ~ Complete with "Pooh" candle :)

After tossing around SEVERAL ideas, yes, BIG emphasis on SEVERAL, we came up to the conclusion to use bright colors. The bright colors reminded us of summer time and since we were having the party the first Saturday in June, it worked wonderfully! We decided to use lots and lots of balloons and anything else with lots of bright color. Most of the decoration we found were in the theme of a luau...I am not sure why the thought of a luau never came up! What features we had, though, just screamed "summer" to me! I loved how things came together and I know Christian and Rusti did, too!

As we were getting closer to the time of their party I took Christian, Rusti, and her friend Callyn over to Jekyll Island to take some pictures for their birthday party. I had bought some picture frames with mats in them for all their guests to sign as they entered the party. I thought it would be a nice keepsake for them and I would print some of the pictures we were taking so they could have a recent picture for those frames. We had an absolute blast taking pictures!

This is my favorite one of the two of them together :)
Gorgeous! I know ;)

We also went down to driftwood beach and took some since they both love the beach! Another beautiful location for some awesome picture taking! My favorite :) Here are a few of my favorites from driftwood beach :)

 They all turned out amazing and as usual we enjoyed our time together! I am so thankful for these memories made even if it is just as simple as taking a bazillion pictures in one day :D I so love my Christian and my Rusti!

The day of the party was full, beginning to end, of so many memories made! I decided to go through my pictures and post just a little something about each one. So here goes...

 Here is my birthday boy next to the limo we rented for him and his friends.

From left to right: JaMarcus Key, Christian, Aaron Waters, Dustin Summers, & Lucas Smiley. 
These boys are Christian's very best friends... 

Here is "Happy Birthday" singing time...they both look thrilled! Right?

Blowing out those candles!! 

Left to Right: Kyle Westberry, Christian, & Tyler Eason


This is what those stinkin boys did most of the night! Can you believe it? With all the preparing and stressing I did!? I can hardly believe it myself! Oh! They did spend A LOT of time hanging out OUTSIDE, too! It was his party, he could be a pooper if he wanted to...I guess! ;)

Birthday Boy with Aaron Waters & Bailey Flener...more of that sittin around stuff goin on!


Oh LOOK who decided to get up and dance!! 
Left to Right: David Hubbs, JaMarcus Key, Aunt Holly, Dustin Summers, Christian, "SQIRT"  Davontay Wilson, & Devan Manning.

This was the highlight of the night for me, mother and son dance. There will probably never be another until the day he gets married. I tear up at the thought. For now he is mine to hold and to help mold until the day he gives his heart to another. No one will ever love him like his mother. I hope he always knows how very much I love 1st born child, my son <3

We danced to the song "Crying Shoulder" by Goo-Goo Dolls. The part of the song that could never be more truer words from me to my son, "I'll be the greatest fan of your life." I love you, my son, and I hope you never have a day go by that I haven't made you feel how loved you are by me.