Thursday, May 31, 2012

Time to get to catching up!!

 So many things have happened this year already! We are half way through the year and I have only made 1 or 2 posts on my blog...not going to be much of a book at the end of the year if I don't get myself busy! This is partly due to the fact that I was long-term substituting at Martha Smith Elementary School, in 1st grade, for the entire school year! It was so much fun and I am hopeful for a permanent job for next year.

For the next little bit I will be going back through my pictures and updating you on all the events that have taken place this year. 2012 has been quite a busy time! Just to name a few...
The kids have gotten a year older (well, me & Christian have too ;) do I really need to confess that though!)
Our nephew Dan has gotten married to a wonderful lady, Jen.
We have become a Great-Aunt & Great-Uncle to a handsome little boy Joseph IV aka "Joey" (Joe & Liz's baby) and a beautiful little girl Anastasia aka "Anya" (Rebecca & Daniel's baby).
We are expecting one more great-nephew Daniel Jr. aka "Dan Jr. or DJ"  (Dan & Jen's baby)
Last but not least we will have another nephew, Brian, getting married to a wonderfully talented young lady, Carly, in September!!

Phew! So as you can see, LOTS going on! One thing is for sure, our family has been BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE! God is good! I hope you enjoy my review of 2012 (so far) :)

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