Thursday, September 6, 2012

Funny Memories

 Ain't it funny how you can read something and immediately be brought back to a moment in your own life!?

A friend shared this ecard on FaceBook today and I couldn't help but laugh and think of my next new blog post! This brought back a funny memory of each of my two older son's...

The first one I thought of was Christian, when I was expecting Nathaniel I was ALWAYS exhausted by mid-day. I have never been a mom on a tight schedule for anything, naps, eating, etc. When we are tired we sleep, when we are hungry we eat! That is just how it is in our neck of the woods! I know I just had about 10 friends FAINT! lol

Well, back to my story. I was probably about 6-7 months pregnant with NateMan and sleepiness kinda just crept up on me while Jr. was watching Barney. What better time to catch a cat-nap, right? It seemed like I had only just shut my eyes when I feel a sweet, soft voice right outside my eyelids calling, "Mama." I open my eyes and Christian is so close to my face that I had to pull my head back to focus on his face and what I was looking at? There staring me right in the eyes is my little toe-head boy with big, blue eyes! He has egg white dripping down from the tip of his perfect little nose!! As I scan the rest of his face I notice some more of the slimy substance on top of his head. He said, "Mama, I was making some eggs for you. I quacked them me self." He had egg white and egg yolk all over his head!
I wanted to get mad but all I could do was laugh! I tried so hard to keep a straight was very hard. I slowly got up from the couch looking around the living room, sure I would find egg all over the carpet. There was none. Thank God! I went out in the kitchen and saw the proof that I needed to assure myself that I had dozed off for more than just a second...there were eggs everywhere! On the refrigerator, on the stove, on the oven door, and on the floor! At this point in his life about the only breakfast he would eat was eggs, bacon, and grits. We always kept a good supply of eggs on hand and had just bought a 2 1/2 dozen box of eggs. You guessed it! He cracked EVERY single egg in the box! If you have ever had to clean up a raw egg off of any surface you know what a feat this is. Boy oh boy! I was starting to feel the anger rise as I looked at this huge mess but when I turned around and looked at that little face with raw eggs dripping from it there was no way I could be angry at him for trying to cook his mama some eggs. I was so thankful he never tried to turn on the stove!
He is much better at making eggs for me now....he even washes the dishes :) I sure wish I had a picture of that face to share but it is only in my memory.

Nathaniel's story is one about his drawing, so it kinda goes with the ecard saying :) When the boys were little guys my husband travelled A LOT! This left me, at the time, Christian Jr. and Nathaniel at home for weeks at a time without seeing their Daddy. At this point I was pregnant with Gage and Daddy was working in Kissimee, Florida. His company had set up his housing down there and just so happened it was a place that did not allow children. Can you believe it!? Right there at Disney and no children allowed!! It was beyond frustrating, especially since they were still little guys and not in school.
Christian Sr. was down there several months working and FINALLY convinced the park owner to allow me and the boys to come visit for 1 week! We were sooo excited to be spending the week with Daddy but most importantly getting down there near Disney! There was 1 rule with us being allowed to visit, any damages would be our responsibility IMMEDIATELY. The very 1st day we get down there and can't wait until Daddy gets home so we can go off on an adventure! We waited impatiently all day for him to get home from work. Finally the time comes and he is home. He gets his pockets emptied out onto his usual place near the front door, an end table right next to the sofa. Daddy goes to jump in the shower. I go to get his clean clothes from the closet to hurry things along so we can hurry out of this trailer and get some dinner!
I never noticed the jumbo sharpie Daddy just put on the end table near the guessed it! Our little strawberry-blonde boy with chubby cheeks and sad, blue eyes grabs that jumbo sharpie and draws us a picture all over that nice WHITE couch!! "Mama, Nate jawed a pictaw." Jr. is walking into the bedroom to tell me this. "Where did you find paper?" I asked him. "He jawed on the couch, Mama." Oh MY Lord!! No way! I run out and sure enough, not only has he drawn on the couch but it's with a JUMBO SHARPIE!! WHITE COUCH, JUMBO BLACK SHARPIE!!! Never mind going to do anything fun on this trip, we are going sofa shopping folks! Not even shopping for a new sofa for home...a new sofa for the dreaded trailer lady! Ugh!
Even though, at this time, my NateMan was walking around and a budding artist he was not talking. To this day he doesn't talk much, or should I say not as much as the other kids in our family do. I think Christian said all he wanted to say, so why bother talking himself. He is very brilliant this way! The look he gave me spoke volumes. He had the biggest smile and such a proud look on his sweet little face....I couldn't be angry at him! He was so proud of his work. Even though I was scared to death of the small fortune this budding artist's canvas was going to cost me, I couldn't get mad at him. We went straight to work on this sofa with some upholstery cleaner and believe it or not we were able to get that jumbo sharpie drawing out of that white sofa!! It was a miracle!
He has never shaved the dog or written on walls, praise the Lord. I can't say the same about never drawing on another sofa, though! *Sigh*

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