Thursday, September 6, 2012

I am Christian Marchelewski Jr., and I just got Punked!

After picking up Christian from school and on my way to dropping off Nate & Gage to SEAL For A Day, I happened to notice Christian had blue armpits. This meaning that he was wearing a newly purchased, white t-shirt from Old Navy and now the armpit area was blue. I know that his deodorant is a blue gel so thought for a moment that it had somehow gotten on his shirt. This was a little strange to me because this is the same deodorant he has been using for quite some time and it has never done this before.
As I asked Christian what happened to his shirt, his youngest brother Gage was behind him and could barely contain his laughter. After asking what happened to the shirt he begins laughing harder while trying to tell me that while Christian was asleep last night he and Nate had put blue food coloring on Christian's deodorant bar!!
 For once in his life, Christian was speechless! It was soooo funny! Christian is the prankster of the house and he had just been punked by his 2 little brothers! To top it off Christian's friend JaMarcus was able to witness our discovery, too! I tried to take a picture of him in the shirt but he wasn't letting me do that since I would be sure to post it on FaceBook! Since I am the Mama and do all the laundry I took a picture of the shirt before I washed all washed out and no harm was done to Christian's shirt :)
All is well that ends well.Oh how I love raising sons <3

This was a plus of being the launder of the house :)

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